Relationship 2 – The German

Well I have already told you about him briefly, so here are the details.

We met at a kinky event in germany. We were both out with someone of the opposite sex. Me with a lover, he with a friend. I was just shining up my rubber in the carpark as a car stopped and a beautiful girl lowered the window and asked if we knew where this specific event was. I informed her that we already checked it out and it was just upstairs. I suggested they should park and we could go up there together. So we did. My lover and I actually fucked it up a little by taking the wrong elevator but oh well. We arrived at the venue, queued and started chatting. Then we went our separate ways but not for long.

A short while after I was chatting to the girl near the dancefloor. The talk was of the beautiful latex dresses we were both wearing. Along came the German and joined the conversation. Unfortunately it was too loud for there to be three people in a conversation so eventually it shifted to just me and him. I took an immediate shine to him. We found common interests and had intense discussions about various topics. We explored the grounds and eventually ended up in the couples room. It was harmless really, we made out and a little bit more. I was so gone.

I scribbled all my details on a piece of paper we got from the receptionist and as I got into my car later that night, a ‘drive safe’ note was under my wiper. It lives in my sunviser in my car since then. (It has been joined by many other lovely notes by now).

I got invited to pop around to his place next weekend (it’s a two hour drive from my homecity)

I am going to sum our weekends up like so: Boardgames, Dancing and experimenting in the bedroom with various degrees of foreplay, toys, bondage and top/bottom behaviour.

We established pretty soon that we would be most comfortable with him being dominant, recently this has grown into him being my Master.

Our weekends do involve a lot of talking. About ourselves, our past, present and future, us and where we are in our relationship and if it actually was one and all of that. The communication also often ends up in both of us being in a vulnerable space. There are tears, plenty of. But mostly they led to something positive.

We came to the conclusion that we do actually want to be rather committed to each other but without any limits to love or sex.

Finally up to this day we have not yet had penetrative sex and it drives me mad sometimes. It makes me worry it’s me even though I know about the reasons behind it. (We almost made it last time, I was not so much frustrated as I was worried about him beating himself up about it)


In short:

-A lot of potential for growth and experience as well as intense support and love

-Intimacy issues, sexual relaxation issues

-Distance relationship


I am very happy to have met this man and that he is in my life and I can see myself spending a lot of my time of the foreseeable future with him. I do hope he feels the same (I think I already know that 🙂 )


Love and Be Loved,

Thanks for reading,





Introductions – Relationship 1 – The Goth

So the Goth.

I have been in a relationship with this man for over three years.

We met on a bus to a Combichrist gig in London. I had just arrived and was looking to make friends. We were both a little lost so asked each other for directions. Soon later we met up on a regular basis and fell for each other. At the time I was still with my then boyfriend. I was unaware of the concept of loving multiple people at once and so I broke up with him when my feelings for the Goth for stronger.

The Goth and I went through different periods of open and closed relationship until last August when I explored more about polyamory and decided I definitely wanted an open relationship.

I spent most of last year back home, fucking my brains out with various people, had a short relationship with a lovely but complicated boy which ended poorly.

In March 2012 I was hit by this huge truck (emotionally) out of nowhere and fell in love with a stunning man from Germany.

This was not to the liking of the Goth. He is at the moment still struggling with accepting the intensity of my  relationship with the German.

Finally the most important things about my relationship with the Goth:

-He has no urge to play, fuck or fall in love with anybody else. This leads to when we are together, we are actually together and I do not play or fuck anybody else.

-He is very quiet and communicated rarely. This leads to a lot of frustration on my part as I have the need to communicate a lot.

So I feel close to no potential for personal growth and a definite lack of communication in this relationship at the moment. We have recently talked a bit more in depth. Now we have to wait and see how things will evolve. We have plans to go to a London Fetish Club together where I will be allowed to fool around and play as I normally do when about on my own. We shall see how that will go.


Love and Be Loved, and thanks for reading,



Good Day to you!

I have been wanting to get more involved in the world of polyamory and ethical nonmonogamy so I thought about starting a blog. So here I am typing away.

I shall be writing about my own life, my experiences, past, present and maybe future (in that case more hope, dreams and fantasies) and my general thoughts about this lifestyle.

So for now, thanks for popping by and come back once I started properly writing 🙂


The Poly Orange