Fortress of Solitude

So while taking care so much of other people, I often realised that I needed to look after myself. I have been feeling like this for about 8 months. I am finally doing this.

Fortress of Solitude. I decided to look after myself. Do what I want to do and basically didn’t bother with anyone who would be any emotional work for a few days. After my 48h shrink session I was exhausted. I went to the cinema on my own and stayed up late. I slept through half of my days. I still ended up in a pile of emowork.

My good friend in London talked to me about a lot of stuff which I didn’t mind because I feel he would never judge me and I can tell him anything.

He send me an article about being socially addicted. I do sometimes feel a little like Jules from Cougar Town. But I guess I just have a little talent to get myself into situations where I could do something fun with friends and I just never say no since I tell myself, meh can be alone some other time. That time just never comes along.

But these days I took that time for myself. And what I mainly realised is that just knowing that I was looking after myself made me feel better already. I found time to think but also to just procrastinate. I haven’t found answers to everything I wanted to think about but I feel a lot more balanced.

We’ll see how this process will help in the coming weeks.


Love and be Loved,



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