Advice and how to avoid getting it

We have all given and received advice.  We have all ignored advice.  We also have been frustrated by people ignoring our advice. But have you given up on giving someone advice because the person you are trying to help is refusing to accept any of it? I have been that person recently. With the death of my father, the break-up with the German and the Goths new love, I have been one hell of a mess. And at least two people have tried and given up on giving me advice recently.

Truth is I am a pussy. And by now I should know better than discuss my problems when I am too scared to face the advice I am given. I know how frustratingit is when someone you care about is sobbing and you give them the best advice you got and they turn you down. These people had every right to get annoyed at me. I get annoyed at people drowning in self pity. Its horrible to think that I might become that bad.

The answer is trust. Open up and if thats not what you want, and all you do is whine, shut up. Or at least after 5 mins. You only hurt people that care about you when you confront them with your pain and dont let them in. (Easier said than done, but really guys I am fed up with whining about my fear and pain and bla bla bla, so there some harsh truth)

Now all I can hope for is that those people I annoyed will give me their advice again and this time I will listen to them.
Good advice from good friends should never be disregarded. Trust your friends since they know you and they will want to help you, so let them.

Love and Be Loved,