A piece of Creative Writing about Breaking Up

Break ups are necessary. The time apart is key. Out of sight of our mind. That is when dynamics change, when feelings subside. When anger and hate fade away and calm has a chance to be restored.

This time apart allows for friendship to grow again, as it once was there and you don’t understand where it went. You just can’t see how your admiration ever became disdain. How someone you loved and wanted to care for became someone whose pain and failure makes you roll your eyes. You don’t know what happen inside of you, that this person went from loved to hated. Now you scrabble on the floor of your heart for positive emotions. For love, for care and all you can find is apathy.


Where did it all go? Or was it me? Did I not do enough, give enough, love enough? Am I selfish? Am I arrogant? Am I a bitch?

The pressure of the love that is still there fills me with guilt. This guilt that clings to my brain just making things even darker. The simple thought of having date night makes me freeze. If I keep going, what good is there in that because I fail to hide how I feel. I am mean. I am not fun to be around and all I do is raising question marks about who did what and who is responsible for this strained mood.

How do I make it stop?  There is no way I can not cause pain. There is already so much pain. I feel like I am failing. I have failed.

I want to run and hide. I don’t want to drag this out. I want to do the right thing. The right thing. I want to do right by the person I once loved. It needs to end, so that maybe one day we can be friends because me seeing you is not filled with guilt and pressure and you seeing me is no longer painful and if I am lucky you have forgiven me. I am sorry. My hope to be forgiven reminds me of how selfish I am.