Reading Material

On this page I will elaborate on books that I have read on themes like Polyamory, Tantra, BDSM, Sex etc.

I could start with the first book that my mother gave me when I was about 10 to learn about sex but I do not remember the title.

I will write about whatever book tickles my fancy.


Esctatsy is Necessary

by Barbara Carrellas

First off I really enjoyed reading this book.

The intro did get me thinking that it might just work on breathwork and similar things. As soon as I had got to chapter one the exercises and stories lead me to a journey of selfdiscovery, which ignited intriguing thoughts, resurged some old reflections and exposed some truths. The later chapters helped me develop my communication about limits, boundaries and desires. The Language of Ecstasy chapter made me very aware of how many different languages we all speak, and not only French, German, English, etc but Film language, BDSM language, Gamer language which are some of the languages I speak. The most important differences for me lie in the language of love. Finally the book closes with some really lovely exercises and advice on how to make your life more extraordinary in simple and basic ways.

Essentially, Barbara Carrellas´ book helps you find a way to position yourself within your own life and environment to your own comfort with limitless possibilities for joy and ecstatsy.

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