Break ups don’t get easier. I have gone through many. Some hurt more than others. In this case, a partner of 5 months broke up with me. I was so happy, and so in love with him that he officially became a partner, instead of a boyfriend, quite quickly.

Two weeks ago, we were watching a film, and I spoiled a couple of things, and because he was a bit annoyed about it, I went internal for a bit to process and to calm myself to not spoil any more things. It felt like a good thing to do to sit back for a bit. My phone opened on an article I had left there for later reading. So I read it. It was an everdayfeminism.com article on women’s emotional labour (http://everydayfeminism.com/2016/06/emotional-labor-womens-lives/). As I read it I started crying. It resonated with me so strongly. He leaned over to check in and I requested that we keep watching the film but he insisted on talking to me. And it got a bit muddled and I said that I didn’t think he could relate to this. The next thing I know he has left my house without an explanation.

I wrote him to ask what was going on. He asked me to leave him alone but in my confusion I pushed. He then responded saying we were done. After two weeks of silence, he has confirmed that this is the case and he actually meant his last message to me. He also said he probably doesn’t want to talk about this as he doesn’t see the point.

I feel like I am 15 again. Blaming myself, asking myself what I did wrong. Wondering if or when I could contact him. What the best thing to do was. In the end, his message indicated that there was no right thing to do. He had made up his mind. I love him dearly still and feel like I would beg on my knees to have him back.

But I am 27, and I know that I am not the defining factor here, there are two of us and we both hurt each other. Yes, I made a mistake but I have now apologised. I wanted to talk so I could explain and apologise but he does not want this.  He doesn’t want to talk. I don’t get to know what went on inside his head, he doesn’t want to know what I thought or felt. I could learn a lot from knowing what he felt. I like growing after all. So I will grow by finding my own way of stopping the blaming questions in my head, the regret that forms a lump in my throat and the pain that’s twisting my heart.


Luckily enough so many wonderful people and partners are out there, who lovingly support me through this. I can only hope it will be another 5 years before I get dumped like this again.

Chemistry Connections

Over the last few months, I have met quite a few new people as well as tried to move closer to some people I already know. Throughout all of this, I felt a lot of different emotions ranging from excitement to fear. I was also very happy at different points.

I was wondering if I had stretched myself too far recently. I was at one point dreading seeing somebody. I felt pressured to be social, and/or sexual. Maybe I should take a step back.

I actually felt pressured about two new people I was seeing. One was for a second date which was set to be at home, and made me quite worried about having to play. The other, I had been seeing for a while but was not as excited about anymore. I felt confused and scared.

At the same time, I had a wonderful first date with someone. The Chemistry was very clear. It was quite overwhelming to feel this way, in the middle of all these other things.  It made me wonder if maybe I was “settling” in a way for the less intense moments due to my pursuit of this strength of chemistry.

The more I analysed these feelings, the more I realised that it wasn’t about all of it being too much, but that it was about each individual person.

I got up the courage to discuss some of these things with the people it concerned, and thanks to their support and honesty, the pressure was lifted.

The intensity of chemistry was something I have desired for a while, but it didn’t directly change my feelings about anyone else. I was worried I would want to discard others because of certain intensities, but I didn’t. It just helped me put things in perspective, but it also gave me the courage to discuss how I felt.

Each relationship with each person felt separate from the others. They are only impacted by each other due to restrictions of time, a day does only have 24hrs. But in general, I learned to look at everyone individually and look at how I felt towards them, allowing me to appreciate them all the more.

Chemistry and Connections are always different, unique, special. Individuals coming together to create something singular, original rare.


Love and Be Loved,





Living with the Primary

Since about 6 months, the Goth and I have been living together, just the two of us. Until now we have, with the exception of a month or two, always shared with other housemates.

I was always under the impression that moving in with a partner was such a huge step but I realise now that this idea has mainly been portrayed by the media concerning people who have never shared their living space before, in which case moving in with a partner can be very intense. Everyone in this situation worries about what happens if there is a big fight, if you get sick of each other in such a small space, or if you break up; because moving house sucks and so does sleeping on the couch (if you have one).

But on the other hand, living together is no piece of cake either. It requires a lot of sacrifices and compromises. I find it also needs understanding of each other. I am still baffled by how the Goth can simply not realise that there is an empty bottle or a dirty dish or a wrapper lying around that could be taken to the kitchen, the bin, the recycling. The main thing I have realised is how very different the Goths mind operates to mine. Living together, just the two of us has helped me understand him more which results in being able to respond to him better and communicating more effectively about chores, as well as emotions.

However, given the dynamics of our polyamorous relationship, we do also limit each others dating possibilities by sharing a living space. Understandably, the Goth does not want me to engage in intimate activities with other partners when he is in the flat and I feel the same. Thus we discuss schedule, dates, sleep overs etc in advance to make sure each others boundaries are respected, as well as the needs of our other partners. Given that the first interaction for our schedule is focused on the two of us, I use the word primary to describe him to others. This is something I do like to explain, as I do not wish to rank my partners, as well as I do not wish to be ranked. My priorities for the Goth are primarily logistic, hence the title of this post.

All in all for our relationship it has been very constructive for our general stability and the understanding of each other, which is what has lead me to reflect on this topic.

Love and Be Loved,


New is Always Better

I like excitement and find more interest in new things to explore. This also goes for people. One of the reasons why I can’t imagine myself ever being monogamous is because I see myself getting bored only being able to be with one person. Just a few years of the same person seems scary, let alone a decade or a lifetime.

Considering divorce and cheating statistics, I get the feeling I am not the only one who feels like this. However there are people who get more excited by someone once they know them better, and who don’t get bored. It appears to be natural to them to find excitement constantly in the same person. I envy this. I would not find myself having lovers slip into the friend zone.

I have wondered where my sexual desire for people comes from. When someone is new to you, you can imagine all the amazing things that could happen between you. Once you get there, this beautiful thing becomes a real person, not a fantasy. Sometimes someone having a strong desire for me can reignite my fire, or seeing them with someone else can. I have found myself stop feeling sexual towards someone because I was monogamous for a while, then going back to being intimate proved incredibly difficult for me.

Recently I have been working on Mindfulness, a sort of meditation technique which I intend to post about once I have explored it more (again something new). It got me thinking about how meditation and intentional thinking can make me find that desire I thought I had lost for someone if I wish to make it surge again. Perhaps by thinking about certain events with this person that were intense, or imagining them when masturbating to bring my sexual energy closer to their presence in my mind, to associate both together again.

I might have to post about this again after I have experimented with it.

Maybe I am not so obsessed with new people as I once thought I was, in my phase where screwing people was more like a sport than an intimate encounter between two beings. I think I can relax about this subject considering I have not gained any more lovers since the summer. However two of my dearest lovers will have to depart soon, which makes room for new people. I can only hope I won’t get carried away 😉

Love and Be Loved